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 ===== Papers ===== ===== Papers =====
 +=== MRC2021b ===
 +  * L. Żuchowska, K. Kutt, and G. J. Nalepa, "**Bartle Taxonomy-based Game for Affective and Personality Computing Research**," in MRC@IJCAI 2021, 2021, pp. 51–55.
 +  * {{|Full text available online}}
 +  * ++Abstract | The paper presents the design of a game that will serve as a research environment in the BIRAFFE series experiment planned for autumn 2021, which uses affective and personality computing methods to develop methods for interacting with intelligent assistants. A key aspect is grounding the game design on the taxonomy of player types designed by Bartle. This will allow for an investigation of hypotheses concerning the characteristics of particular types of players or their stability in response to emotionally-charged stimuli occurring during the game.++
 +=== MRC2021a ===
 +  * K. Kutt, L. Żuchowska, S. Bobek, and G. J. Nalepa, "**People in the Context – an Analysis of Game-based Experimental Protocol**," in MRC@IJCAI 2021, 2021, pp. 46–50.
 +  * {{|Full text available online}}
 +  * ++Abstract | The paper provides insights into two main threads of analysis of the BIRAFFE2 dataset concerning the associations between personality and physiological signals and concerning the game logs' generation and processing. Alongside the presentation of results, we propose the generation of event-marked maps as an important step in the exploratory analysis of game data. The paper concludes with a set of guidelines for using games as a context-rich experimental environment.++
 === Sensors2021 === === Sensors2021 ===
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