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  • 2018-08 GEM2018 paper on the affective game design patterns
  • 2018-07 HAI2018 paper on the design of games with affective loop presented as demo at HAI and receives The Popular Choice Award for the most downloaded paper of the workshop :-D
  • 2018-07 HSI2018 paper on the Bandreader
  • 2018-06 FGCS2018b paper on affective patterns in serious games
  • 2018-06 ICAISC2018 paper on the use of Bitalino and other platforms for AfC experiments
  • 2018-05 larger experiments aimed at detecting HR/GSR response during playing affective games
  • 2018-04 The AfCAI 2018 Workshop was held in Valencia
  • 2018-03 FGCS2018a paper on mobile platform for affective context-aware systems
  • 2017-09 FedCSIS2017 paper on the affective scrollrunner game presented in Prague
  • 2017-05 first experiments with scrollrunner prototype
  • 2016-11 The AfCAI 2016 Workshop was held in Murcia
  • 2016-02 GJN receives a grant Jiménez de la Espada from Fundación Séneca - Agencia de Ciencia y Tecnología de la Región de Murcia to work on AfC topics in Universidad de Murcia, Spain :-)
  • 2015-12 first grant proposal on AfC topics submitted to the polish NCN, in fact with no success :-/
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