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 +====== AfCAI Community ======
 +The two main research teams involved in the AfCAI group include researchers from:
 +  * [[https://​geist.re/​doku.php|GEIST:​ Group for Engineering of Intelligent Systems and Technologies]],​ and
 +  * [[http://​www.ztg.fais.uj.edu.pl/​en_GB/​|Department of Games Technology at Jagiellonian Uni]]
 +Furthermore,​ we actively cooperate with researchers from [[http://​kbib.agh.edu.pl/​|Department of
 +Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering at AGH]].
 +We, the AfCAI group in Krakow, collaborate with several groups in Europe, working in the AfCAI related topics.
 +This includes:
 +  * [[http://​perseo.inf.um.es/​~jpalma/​doku.php?​id=start|AIKE research group led by prof. Jose Palma]], Murcia, Spain
 +  * [[http://​www.um.es/​web/​iuie/​instituto/​consejo-direccion/​maria-trinidad-herrero-ezquerro|NICE group led by prof. Maria Trinidad Herrero]], Murcia, Spain
 +  * [[http://​islab.di.uminho.pt/​islab/​|IS lab leb by prof. Paulo Novais]], Braga, Portugal
 +  * [[https://​aida.ii.uam.es/​|AIDA group led by prof. David Camacho]], Madrid, Spain
 +  * [[https://​www.hci.uni-wuerzburg.de/​|HCI Chair led by prof. Marc Erich Latoschik]],​ Wurzburg, Germany
 +  * [[http://​gti-ia.dsic.upv.es/​vinglada/​|prof. Vicente Julian from the GTI-IA group]], Valencia, Spain
 +  * [[http://​www.cslab.cc/​|Computational Sensemaking Lab (CSLab) led by prof. Martin Atzmueller]],​ Tilburg, the Netherlands ​
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